Universal Perfect 10 Peel 50% off

his peel is good for all skin types and skin colors.
The treatment typically starts with removal of make-up and cleansing of the skin. Then the Perfect 10 Peel is applied for 3-5 minutes, and patients may experience a warm and tingly feeling.

Next, the solution is neutralized, and a layer of retinoic acid is applied for at least 5 minutes to calm and soothe the skin.

Post-treatment, skin will appear pink for 1 day, and tightening and peeling will begin within 48 hours.

As skin continues to heal, it may resemble a mild sunburn with moderate peeling for about a week. During this time, it’s important not to pick at peeling skin and stay hydrated.

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Perfect 10 Universal Peel
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Universal Perfect 10 Peel 50% off