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Clarity II Laser Verruca Vulgaris Removal

Laser Removal Verruca Vulgaris(warts) uses the Clarity II laser in which no numbing is required. This non-invasive laser has long pulse settings that gently heat the skin and results in a collagen building response. Laser Arm Rejuvenation creates new collagen and skin tightening through concentrated, short, pulsating beams of light.
There is little to no down time after the treatment, and this makes the Rejuvenation
• For skin tightening we recommend a package of 3 treatments about 4 weeks apart.
• The laser treatment takes about 20-30 minutes.
• There is no social downtime following the treatment. There may be a light blush tone or redness following treatment. Although uncommon, some patients experience mild swelling.
• Best results will differ depending on the treatment area. Your best skin tightening results will emerge 4-6 months after the course of treatments.
Overall, laser arm rejuvenation is a wonderful way to achieve younger looking, clearer, glowing skin with little effort and without surgery. If you’re ready to discuss the details of our laser facial rejuvenation treatments, contact About Face for a consultation today!
Laser Removal Verruca Vulgaris.
30 min

Clarity II Laser Verruca Vulgaris Removal
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