Multiple Area Laser Hair Removal(LHR)30 Minutes

Any body part, LHR in 30 minutes. 1st app doc consent needed.
Remove as much hair anywhere on your body in 30 minute session.

Laser Hair Removal is a great way to achieve hair removal for most people, but it won’t work for everyone. Patients with white, gray or red hair will not be able to benefit from laser treatment for hair removal. For these patients, Electrology (aka Electrolysis) is the best option for hair removal.
Why our Service is the Best

Not all lasers are the same …. and neither are skill sets of the cosmetic therapists who operate them! At About Face Cosmetic Therapy Center, we take the time to find your “clinical end-point” which allows us to set the proper settings for your treatment.

About Face Cosmetic Therapy Center uses Candela® laser, the GentleLASE and Lutronic dual wave length laser (755/1064)systems. These state-of-the-art systems have special patented cryogen cooling technology that soothe and protect the surrounding skin, while bringing the laser energy as close as possible to the hair root. These lasers are the most effective method of laser hair removal. This technology is effective and comfortable – delicate enough for a woman’s fine, sensitive skin, yet robust enough for a mans beard, back or arms.
Your laser hair removal will be done by a Cosmetic Therapist personally trained by owner Vickie Mickey. All Cosmetic Therapists received more than 650 hours of classroom and hands-on training before they see their first patient!

Skin Color Matters

For people with lighter skin colors, the 755nm wavelength Alexandrite laser) is used. For people with darker skin colors, a special laser, 1064nm wavelength is used because it has the best wavelength designed to be most effective for laser hair removal on people with darker skin.
We offer the best in custom laser hair removal in Columbus at prices you will find attractive. Your initial consultation and doctor consent is free. During this consenting appointment, you will experience laser hair removal on a small portion of your body – so you will know what it feels like before you get your first full treatment.

After this consenting appointment, you will receive laser hair removal treatments at the rate of $400 for 30 minutes of laser. This is enough to cover many areas.
Multiple Area Laser Hair Removal(LHR)
30 min.

Multiple Area Laser Hair Removal(LHR)30 Minutes